Thursday, January 7, 2010

"Russel Wright On TV"

This week the return of the series "Heroes" features the largest collection of Russel Wright's American Modern dinnerware that I've ever seen on television -- outside of the spot with Anne Wright featured on the Martha Stewart show. It looks to be a mix of chartreuse, granite grey, coral, and seafoam. I wonder who on the show's set design staff was responsible for setting up this apartment kitchen, obviously they are a big fan of RW. I might snoop around the Heroes blogs to try and find out.

The American Modern collection photo above is from the Russel Wright Design Center site portfolio (see sidebar for URL). If you like Wright's designs, originals can sometimes be found in remote corners of your Aunt Tilly's attic, or antique shops and flea markets.

Some originals and out-of-production reissues by Oneida can be found at:

Current reissues can be purchased at: