Friday, August 17, 2007

" What Is Art? "

There are as many answers to this question are there are humans who have lived since the beginning of time. Art and design happen in our lives the moment that we wake up in the morning, even in the most mundane acts. We look in the mirror and position our disheveled hair into a look that we can stand a little better. We butter and jelly the toast with a flourish at breakfast. Then we take the time to dress in a way that best suits our endeavors for the day. In the evening we mow the lawn to perfection, or arrange a cluster of daisies from the side of the road in a mug for the dinner table. Any time we reach out of ourselves to arrange or pose even the simplest of the objects around us we are creating art.

Maybe I am just a romantic along the lines of the Pre-Raphaelite, and to some extent the Aesthetic, movement. Art in life is necessary. Creating art to make people happy is good for the soul. Looking at beautiful art can ease a wearied psyche, and seeing violent art can be disturbing. Everywhere we look each day of our lives, there is art to be found any place that the eye can stop and pause its gaze. I want to try to explore the obvious, and not so obvious, art and design elements in the world. I also would like to pass on some of my favorite artistic discoveries. I will refer to God in some of my posts, due to my faith and because I believe that God blesses the world with art to enrich our lives, and to give us glimpses of what He sees. I also think that God's creation is beautiful art. This is just an experimental blog to express my artistic opinions. Thanks for being so kind and reading if you happen to stop here.

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