Tuesday, December 11, 2007

"Extraordinary Fantasy Sculpture"

This evening I caught the last few minutes of a show on the History channel that was showcasing a great spot to visit to see some fantastic roadside Americana. It's a welded scrap metal sculpture "park" called Forevertron, created by a man who calls himself Dr. Evermor (Tom Every). Amid the behemoth amorphous pieces, there are giant guitars, bugs, birds and other oversized objects of metal whimsy. Among the "scraps" used, are parts of an Apollo space program decontamination chamber, as well as other pieces of historical American junque!

The park is located in Baraboo, Wisconsin. The Dr. is truly a visionary and Storm King Art Center in NY seems anemic compared to Forevertron Park! Someone should create a big coffee-table book on it, if they haven't already. I really have to go there and see it. Here is a great site that gives a nice report of a visit:



Cheryl said...

The park looks like a fantasy land! I'd love to see it in person too. The mind of an artist always amazes me. The capacity to envision something so magnificent from pieces of metal and instinctively know how to put it all together is just mind boggling. I'm so glad I clicked on your profile you have some very interesting blogs! :)

capcom said...

Thanks Cheryl! I so want to see this as well. I thought that the Coral Castle in FL was incredible, but this is even better! I hope to see them both some day.

Cheryl said...

I hadn't heard of the Coral Castle. I'll have to do a search on that one and check it out. The name alone sounds lovely. My husband and I hope to one day tour the country and visit all the unusual places. They fascinate us!

capcom said...

Coral Castle is a really strange and compelling story and place. I did a little post on it in June:


There is so much roadside Americana to experience! I was glad to see that sentiment brought up in the movie "Cars". :-) I hope to travel at least a part of Rt.66 soon, in my retirement.

Cheryl said...

Yes! Route 66 is one of our dream destinations! We saw a special on PBS and they have some of the most quirky and interesting stops on that road. My husband being a huge car fanatic wants to see the cars that are half buried there (I know it has a name but it escapes me right now) I love the romance of driving on the open road and visiting the historical landmarks and all the art... *sigh* I found the Coral Castle's website and it is truly amazing. I will check your post too. It's so hard to imagine that he did all of that on his own!

capcom said...

Unfortunately, a lot of Rt.66 architecture and roadside stops were torn down before the move to save it. :-(

Coral Castle very much has a LOST feel to it, concerning its magnetic/gravitational mysteries and all!