Monday, June 8, 2009

"Space Advertising Couture"

Louis Vuitton (along with Annie Leibovitz and her ace photo-shopping/SFX crew) have commemorated the 40th anniversary of man landing on the Earth's Moon in LV's July release advertisement. As far as I can tell, the bag in the image is nothing out of the ordinary for the LV line (no special compartments for a flight helmet or pilot's kneeboard and aviator glasses), but the Louis Vuitton Core Values advertising campaign has chosen to wisely include one man who walked on the Moon, another who cheated death while orbiting the Moon and returned to tell the story, and the first US woman in space, to distinguish their product. Well done Louis, and very nice advertising artwork. I also like the use of 'Mater the rusty truck from the movie "Cars" for the rustic Americana touch. :-)
See the LV site:
Behind the scenes shots:

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