Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Bergman Estate Auction"

I was intrigued to read on "" that Ingmar Bergman's estate is being auctioned off this month via Bukowski's Auction House. Personal items ranging from photos, awards, Mid-20th Century modern design home furnishings and accouterments, old cameras, collected artworks, movie posters, the clapperboard used for filming "The Silence", and what is believed to be Death's chess set in "The Seventh Seal", are on the block. Being a Scandinavio-phile, this fascinates me and I only wish that I could bid on something from this amazing collection. Anyone who enjoys Bergman's films, or just Scandinavian design and collectibles, would be interested in seeing these auction items even if bidding is out of the question. Be sure to click on "Browse The Catalog" on the side menu to see the entire collection, it's incredibly personal to Bergman and many interesting items of 20th Century days gone by are included.

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